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This page will informs you regarding presentation schedule for oral and poster presentation. For estimated rundown, please refer to Book Program page here.

After a long and careful discussion, the committee has finally reached a decision for the papers’ assignments to oral presentation and poster presentation.

The papers selected for poster presentation are based on these following criteria:

–  Paper with suitable topics for visualization using poster
–  Paper with unique topic that was not studied in other papers
–  Paper with diversity topics.
The papers selected for oral presentation are based on this following criterion:
– Paper with one common topic (under one umbrella of topics) so that there is a clear theme presented for each session
On an important note, both the papers accepted in our oral and poster presentation enjoy the same opportunity to be accepted in the conference proceedings, as papers from both presentations have the same qualities we are searching for!
Hope this information helps you in your preparation.
We are looking forward to your presentation as we have enjoyed our time reading your paper!
Good luck and many success ahead,
UIPSUR Committee

This session will be held on 13:00 – 15:00

Room Burgundy 1A

The Comparison of Endorser Credibility and Corporate Credibility toward Consumer’s Purchase Intension of Airlines Ticket Indah Sari Febrina & Bertina Sjabadhyni
The Relationship between Extraversion and Boundaryless Career Attitudes on Millennial Employees Karina Amalia & Eka Gatari
Does Self-Monitoring Affect The Relationship Between Job Insecurity and Impression Management? Nabilla Andriana Gunarso & Debora Eflina Purba
Job Insecurity and Organizational Citizenship Behavior: The Mediating Effect of Affective Commitment Muhammad Fahri & Debora Eflina Purba
Moderating Role of Innovative Climate on the Relationship between Narcissism Personality and Innovative Work Behavior Rachma Della Mertha & Endang Parahyanti
Attachment with Celebrity as a Moderator of the Relationship between Types of Celebrity Endorsement and Purchase Intention in Emerging Adults Keisha Saravitra Bawono & Bertina Sjabadhyni

Room Burgundy 1B

College Adjustment in The Age of Social Media: Examining the Influence of LINE Usage to College Students’ Social Adjustment Aulia Nataningsih & Elok Dianike Malay
The Effect of Elaboration Type and Repeated Elaboration on False Memory in Undergraduate and Diploma Students of Universitas Indonesia Naiva Urfi Layyinah, Bunga Bunga, Mardiana Trisnia Aditya, Rizky Khairunnisa Al-Hadi, Syarifah Royani, Iga Winati, & Ali Nina Liche Seniati
Correlation between Grandparent Role and Career Adaptability among 9th Grade Students Airin Yustikarini Saleh & Husniyati Najmi
Correlation between Sibling Relationship and Career Adaptability among 9th Grade Students Airin Yustikarini Saleh & Ulfa Nisaa’il Jannah
Counterfactual Thinking Direction, Academic Major Satisfaction, and Affect of College Students Attending Majors Different from Their First Choice Dhia Rahmi Putri & Bagus Takwin
Feedback Effects on False Memory Anis Hasanah Hasibuan, Belinda Gustina, Muhammaf Hanif N. Wangsapraja, Rahmah Nurul Hayya & Rifqi Rusdy Bachtiar
Mathematics Belief and The Use of Metacognitive Strategy in Arithmetics Word Problem Completion Among 3rd Elementary School Students Josephine Indah Setyawati & Stephanie Yuanita Indrasari

Room Burgundy 2

The Relationship between College Students’ Perception of Instructor’s Roles with Self-Regulated Learning in Online Learning Descha Annisa & Lucia R.M. Royanto
The Relationship Between Computer Self-Efficacy and Self Regulated Learning on Online College Student Lorna Brigita Nainggolan
The Relationship between Self-Regulated Learning and Computer Anxiety in Online Course Students Fransisca Mira Hapsari
The Relationship between Teachers’ Fostering Relevance Behavior and Middle School Students’ Cognitive Engagement in Mathematics Bellita Nusa Pratiwi & Linda Primana
Time Pressure Increases Component Fluency of Creativity Elsa Tamara Shalsabila, Elvara Wibowo Putri, Selvia Ernas, Angelica Hasibuan, Hanifah Hosen, Lucia Voni
Which is more important, honesty or selfish-gain?: The effect of self-control on cheating among Indonesian college students Shierlen Octavia

Room Burgundy 3

The Relationship between Teacher’s Attitude with Regular Student’s Peer Acceptance towards Student with Special Needs in Inclusive Public Primary School Riri Marjani Qalbi
Case Study on Illness Perception and Treatment Belief in Breast Cancer Patient who Undergo a Traditional Treatment Arina Shabrina
Family Functioning as a Predictor for Internalizing Problem on Adolescences who Experience Bullying Puspita Alwi & Fivi Nurwianti
Inside the Survivor’s Mind: The Portrayal of the content of rumination of breast cancer survivors experiencing post-traumatic growth Putri Ayu Widyautami
Process of Forgiveness in Women with HIV/AIDS Infected by Their Husbands Tiffany Chandra
The Effect of Stigma towards Family Functioning in People Living with HIV/AIDS Wanda Arista Dana Paramitha & Lifina Dewi Pohan

Room Burgundy 4

Association between Friendship Quality and Depression among High School Students in Jakarta Umi Nur Kharimah
The Correlation between Psychological Distress and Hardiness among College Students Faradiella Damaputri & Sugiarti A. Musabiq
The Effect of School-Based Stepping Stones Triple P on Child and Parent Outcomes Anagha Aery, Julie Hodges, & Jamin Day
Association of Anxiety and Teacher Expectation among High School Students in Jakarta Nadya Desita Siregar, Wuri Prasetyawati, & Mita Puspita Sary
From Negative Feeling to Well Adjusted Person: Experience of Middle Aged Women in Empty Nest Phase Ni Km. Peby Darmayanthi & Made Diah Lestari
Insomnia as Mediator between Neuroticism and Depressive Tendency in College Students Fariza Nur Shabrina & Sali Rahadi Asih

Room Burgundy 5

Correlation Between Self-Efficacy and Social Support with Entrepreneurship Motivation in Student SMK Negeri 40 Jakarta Marketing Study Program Putri Mardatila
Emerging Adults’ Perceptions of Their Father Involvement: Significant to Sociosexuality Zhillan Zhalyla
Factors that Influence University Students’ Attitude Towards Smoking Prohibition Ryan Christian Prasetya & Sih Setija Utami
Relationship between Perceived Father Involvement with Early Adolescent’s Subjective Well-Being Hilmia
Resilience and Positive Perception Toward Marriage among Late Adolescents from Divorced Families Adinda Vashti Raissa & Julia Suleeman
The Relationship between Assertive Behavior and Empathy with Adolescent’s Social Adjustment in Social Home of South Jakarta Elidayani Rodearni Simarmata

This session will be held on 15:15 – 17:15

Room  Burgundy 1A

Moderating Role of Psychological Capital on Relationship between Work-Family Conflict and Job Satisfaction among Working Mothers Prajnadhyma Bramadewandhana & Endang Parahyanti
Moderating Role of Self-related Work Commitment on the Relationship of Machiavellianism Personality Trait and Innovative Work Behavior Gilang Asri Nurahma & Endang Parahyanti
Moderation Effect Analysis of Assimilator-Explorer Cognitive Style in The Relationship between Big Five Personality and Innovative Work Behavior Putri Bayu Gusti Megantari Pratiwi & Arum Etikariena
The Influence of Hardiness Personality towards Innovative Work Behavior on Employees of Company X Erita Marisdianti
The Mediating Effect of Problem-focused Coping on the Relationship between Job Insecurity and Impression Management Ananda Nadya Putri & Debora Eflina Purba
The Moderating Role of Family Supportive Supervisor Behavior in Relationship between Work-Family Conflict and Job Satisfaction among Working Mother Devy Fitria Rahmatika & Endang Parahyanti

Room Burgundy 1B

Metacognitive Strategy on Completion of Mathematics Word Problem and Mathematics Achievement among 3rd–Grade Elementary Students Inggar Trihimastin Cahayassti & Stephanie Yuanita Indrasari
Relationship between Academic Buoyancy and Career Adaptability in 9th Grade Students Diny Rachmayanti & Puji Lestari Suharso
Relationship between Attitude toward Mathematics and Metacognitive Strategy in Completing Mathematic Word Problem among 3rd Elementary Student Ariyati
Relationship between Learning Engagement and Career Adaptability on 9th-grade Students Annisa Rahmalia Agustina
Relationship between Mathematic Anxiety and Metacognitive Strategy ob Completion Mathematic’s Word Problem among 3rd Elementary Student Nurul Fitriana Dewi & Lucia R.M. Royanto
The Effectivity of Instructional Media Usage towards Children’s Number Sense Ability Aged 3-5 Years Old Maria Gita Belinda
The Effect Of Caffeine Consumption On Attention: An Experiment Conducted At Department Of Psychology, Atma Jaya Catholic University Of Indonesia Vanessa Arieputri

Room Burgundy 2

Living with Children: Relationship with Psychological Well-Being of Older People Litha Almira Hediati
Psychological Well-Being in Mother Caregivers of Intellectual Disability Children Jessica Irene Wong Wibowo, Anggi Mayangsari, Millah Atqia Akhyar, Luthfiah Fadlum Muhammad, Dinda Nurfaida, Santi Rismayanti, Linda Ratnasari, Langgersari Elsari Novianti
Relationship between religiosity and psychological distress among college student in Indonesia Intan Kusumadewi &   Sugiarti A. Musabiq
Resilience and Friendship Quality among Late Adolescents from Intact, Divorced, and Remarried Families Karina Saraswati & Julia Suleeman
Self-Esteem and Emotional Intelligence among University Students in a Public Higher Learning Institution Farhana Nabila Fakaruddin
Stress and Coping of Experiencing Criminal Justice among Adolescents who did Sexual Abuse Asri Widyastuti

Room Burgundy 3

The Comparison of Religiosity and Spirituality between Emerging Adult with Religious Heterogamous Parents and Emerging Adult with Religious Homogamous Parents Karina Devany Damanik & Sri Redatin Retno Pudjiati
The Effect of Gadget Addiction in Adolescents toward Family Functioning Annisa Maulidya Chasanah & Grace Kilis
The Image of Perfectionism in Male Adolescents on Academic Tasks Muhammad Ibrahim & Cathy Sofhieanty Syamsuri
The Relationship between Father Involvement and Dating Violence in Middle Adolescent Maya Damayanti & Efriyani Djuwita
The Relationship between Psychological Distress and Gratitude among Indonesian College Students Azka Amalina & Sugiarti A. Musabiq

Room Burgundy 4

Self Identity Construction in Rumah Kreatif Wadas Kelir Purwokerto Rahadian Rizal Akmal, Oom Qomariah, Mochammad Lathif Amin, Fika Rizki Nur Fadlillah
Study of Boredom and Job Autonomy as the Predictors of Procrastination at Work on Gen Y Fadilla Andita Hernowo & Sri Fatmawati Mashoedi
The Contribution of Perceived Father Involvement towards Relational Self-Esteem in Early Adolescence Sarah Diori & Eko Handayani
The Effect of Negative Celebrity Publicity and Celebrity Identification Towards Purchase Intention Dhiajeng Hesti Prameswara & Bertina Sjabadhyni
The Relationship between Social Comparison and Depressive Symptoms among Indonesian Instagram Users Las Asimi Lumban Gaol
The Influence of Celebrity Endorsement Types and Congruency Celebrity with the Body Care Products on Instagram Users’ Intention to Purchase Ratu Laila Indah Baskara Putri & Bertina Sjabadhyni

Room Burgundy 5

Age-Related Changes in Children’s Resource Giving: How Social Categories and Fairness Considerations Influence Distribution Decisions Jessica Spence & Kana Imuta
Association of Peer Acceptance and Depressive Symptoms among High School Student in DKI Jakarta Shitta Mutyahara & Wuri Prasetyawati
Anger Rumination and Aggression: A Study to Traditional and Modern Batak Rebecca Mularia Liony, Mellia Christia, & Cantyo Atindriyo Dannisworo
Shame and Guilt Emotion and the Socialization of Cultural Values between Older and Younger Generation of Batak Tobanese Mangasi Nofrina Erri Mutiha Hutapea
Perceived Social Support as Predictor of Suicide Ideation in Gunung Kidul High School Students Safira Naila & Bagus Takwin
The Correlation of Narcissism and Selfie-Posting Behavior on Instagram among Millennials Fadilla Andita Hernowo & Sri Fatmawati Mashoedi

This session will be held on 10:30 – 12:00

Relationship Between Transformational Leadership, Psychological Capital, and Work Engagement Dea Hansel Pugar
The Development of Organizational Commitment Inventory for Non-profit Organization Afifah At Thohiroh, Mayadha Kristalindari, Afiyana Eka Nurilla, Lukita Mardhiah, Sepiani Khaerunnia, Dewi Maulina, & Nurul Arbiyah
Who Says Generation Y is a Quitter? The Impact of Psychological Capital and Work Meaningfulness on  Work Engagement in Generation Y Monica Budi Sutrisno
Being Part of College Organization Enhancing Your Self-Esteem: A Group Value Model Perspective Mahira Syafana Kuswanto, Eko Hermanto, Ocky Jhon Gumilang Hidayat, & Sali Rahadi Asih
The Danger of Hoax: The Effect of Inaccurate Information to Semantic Memory Dian Rizki Adiningtyas, Mitha Masrati Widodo, Anisa Rizqi Safitri, Nolia Nurcahyati, Nurul Arbiyah
Keep on Remembering and Watch Out for Uninvited Guests: A Study on Repeated Testing Effect and Administering Information on Human Suggestibility Eko Hermanto, Hana Lazuardy Rahmani, Krisna Wardhana Djaling, Lisyanti Maskuri, Nurul Arbiyah
Should I Trust Social Media? How Media Credibility and Language Affect False Memory Ishaq Mahmudil Hakim & Dewi Maulina
The Determinants of Academic Dishonesty in College Student Wahyu Maulana Firdaus & Solicha Solicha
The Effectiveness of Using Instructional Media towards Knowledge of Letters for Children Aged 3-4 Years in West and South Jakarta Tiara Anindita & Patricia Adam
Enhancing Concentration Through Dayak’s Beaded Crafts Nur Dewi Rahayu
The Correlation Between Rumination and Psychological Distress Among Indonesian College Students Putu Ayu Diansukma Ramadhani & Sugiarti A. Musabiq
Influence of Mate Copying Tendencies through Simulated Attraction towards Perceived Physical Attractiveness of Opposite Sex in Women Magdalena Anastasia Hanipraja, Bernadeth Deminiz, Adeline Dinda Caesara, & Nurul Arbiyah
Internet Addiction and its Correlation with Depression, Anxiety, Stress and Loneliness in Undergraduate Students of UIN Malang Mely Santoso
The Effects of Written Emotional Disclosure to Subjective Distress and Mood  on Individuals Experiencing Heartbreak Sri Izzati Soekarsono
The Unwanted Life: The Role of Personality, Adverse Childhood Experience, and Purpose in Life towards Addiction Debby Rezza Saragih
Save Our Souls (SOS): A Scale to Identify Suicidality in Freshman at Universitas Indonesia Ananda Zhafira
The Relationship between Passionate Love with Belief in Free Will, Belief in Determinism and Second-Order Volition, Ezra P. Wahyudi
The type of giving information for awareness level in the case of effectiveness seeking missing person Shafiya Areta
Choose Celebity or Common People? The Influence of Endorser Type on Instagram User’s Purchase Intention Virginia Vionasafira
Factors Influencing Sexual Identity of Adolescent Girls in Jakarta Diah Miranti Dewi
The influence of color on men’s attraction to women and desire to date through online dating application Reinaldo Christian Santoso
Urban Civility: Train Commuters’ Queueing Behaviour in Jakarta Maria Astrid Susanti

For all participants with accepted submission, please read the presentation guidelines below. Please refer the guideline based on your presentation type.

Oral presentation guideline

Poster presentation guideline