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The following notes provide a summary of the 2nd UIPSUR full paper selection process:

  1. Author register his/her paper through here. Please check your role asĀ Author only.
  2. Once you are registered, find [New Submission] and complete the submission process. If there is any difficulties, please ask for our assistance. For more detailed process, please click Online Submission Procedure page.
  3. All submitted papers will be sorted based on the themes and all author identities in the document will be removed.
  4. The papers will be processed with double blind peer review, where the anonymous paper simultaneously reviewed by two different reviewers.
  5. All reviewed papers will be notified to the author in the UI Conference page and email.
  6. Author revises the paper according to the review result, before resubmit it to conference committee. Please click Revision Submission Procedure page for details.
  7. The selected papers that have been presented in the conference will be processed through proofread and editing process, after author complete the authorship consent for publication.
  8. Camera-ready papers will be sent to reputable publisher, who will evaluate and decide whether selected papers are ready to be published.
  9. All papers that meet the standard of publisher will be published in conference proceeding that will be processed to be Thomson-Reuter indexed.